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Acro Afro Naze32 Rev5 NAZER 32 10DOF / 6DOF Flight Control Board For Robocat270 QAV250 Mini Muticopter FPV

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Note :Brano and Compass are not include in 6DOF ,it will include in 10 DOF


32 bit fork of the MultiWii RC flight controller firmware.Things are moving... We Flipping it and popped in an ATmega32u4 - The Flip Pro - Arduino Leonardo for everyone who wants to push the edge of what is possible. It is awesome to see what everyone has done.

For most people the Flip 1.5 is the recommended choice, but we have to keep pushing on.
The Flip 1.5 will always be here at an unreal price- but let's see how far we can push the envelope with the Flip32. Please do not get scared but it is not for beginners or non-technical flyers- if you want to fly with STM32, you kind of need to know what you're doing. Or Google a LOT- tons of information out there. I hope to get more people playing with the hardware. The software is still a bit experimental.All other settings need to be change with made in the Multiwii 2.3 config. please use the Chrome Baseflight Configurator for the GUI. DO not use 2.2 GUI!
36x36 mm
5.3 grams (no headers, 7.3 grams with)
2000 degrees/second 3-axis MEMS gyro + accelerometer (MPU6050)
3-axis magnetometer (HMC5883L) (Flip32+ only)
Pressure sensor (MS5611) (Flip32+ only)
Flexible motor outputs, support various airframe types -
Quad/Hexa/Tri/Bi/Y4/Y6/Octo/Camera Gimbal. (Default is Quad-X)
Up to 8 ch RC input - supports standard receivers (PWM), PPM Sum receiver (FrSky, etc), or Spektrum Satellite receiver.
Battery voltage monitoring
Modern 32-bit processor running at 3.3V/72MHz (STM32F103CB).
16Mbit onboard SPI flash
Onboard MicroUSB for setup and configuration
LEDs so bright, they will blind you
MultiWii-based configuration software for easy setup
please use the Chrome Baseflight Configurator for the GUI. DO not use the old 2.2 GUI!
STM32 - 32bits!
MPU6050 (Gryo/ACC)
HMC5883L - (Mag)
MS5611 - (Baro)
awesome Flip32 Manual download . thank you RC JOSEBRcInput order: Roll,Pitch,Throttle,Yaw,Aux1,Aux2,Aux3,Aux4GV to RT = GND VIN RX TX
Mixer Example settings:
#mixer tri - Tricopter
#mixer quadx - Quadrokopter in X configuration
#mixer hex6x - Hexacopter in X configuration
#feature ppm ( activate PPM Reciever)
#feature-ppm ( traditinal reciever)
To change the channel order, here is a example:
#map EATR1234
EATR means:
-1234 are the channels
if you are finished you have to save the settings type :#saveSetup your radio to be 1000-2000 and midstick exactly 1500 (this all can be changed of course but this is easy to do)Go from the gui in the cli and do following commands
set mincheck = 1020
set maxcheck = 1980
set looptime =3000
set mincommand = 1000 <--as calibrated
set maxthrottle = 2000 <-- as calibrated
set minthrottle = 1100 (This is throttle after arming and offcourse this is different on every motor or ESC so adjust for your taste)

Package included:

ACRO Version (6DOF):
1x Naze32 Board (without Brano and Compass)
1 set cables
1 set pins

1x Protection Case

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