We carry two kinds of wing bags, Bubble Wing Bags and Top quality waterproof  wing bags.

Waterproof Wing Bags are more durable, protect your wings covering in transporting and storage. even bad weather in outside door, these waterproof tote can protect plane's wings well. 4 sizes for different scale plane, 70E, 40cc, 70cc, 120cc plane are all covered. 
In the center is a layer of special laminated, The center piece separates the two wings keeping them from rubbing against one another. The bags have zippers go around sides, easy to open and insert your wings.

Bubble Wing Bags have 6 sizes, from small one to big one, used for 30E, 50E, 30cc, 50cc, 100cc Planes. there have a special bag for gliber, the length of the bag reach to 200cm.